Future development goals

  1. Testing and debugging in various use cases
    • queries related
      (its being tested, but more testing is needed)
    • driver related
      (cMQL keeps the "driver way", but still needs testing)
  2. Better source code
    • better organized
    • better code quality
  3. improve notation
  4. become more simple and more like clojure
  5. create extra operators based on existing ones
  6. port in other drivers also for example .NET using clojure-clr
  7. generate MQL from cMQL (the opposite of what cMQL now does)
    (cMQL allows raw MQL so it will work,and for most operators it will be easy)
  8. improve perfomance, cMQL converts queries in almost zero cost because queries are so small data structures but still in some cases it can help
  9. endoding/decoding Clojure to and from BSON, is implemented both in js-bson, and with the java driver, but it should be tested more, and be improved (its hardcoded on the BSON implementation in javascript and in java)


  1. tkaryadis@gmail.com
  2. cMQL chat server