Why cMQL for Clojure

  • its like querying MongoDB with Clojure (names and syntax)
  • up to 3x less code from MQL
  • can unify MongoDB under 1 language
    • app in clojure
    • query with cMQL
    • server side with Clojurescript or cMQL wrappers or Wisp
  • Fast, data encode/decode directly to Clojure data No trasformations are needed,its BSON-> Clojure see

For more details see what? and why? Clojure programmers use cMQL-j

Install cMQL

Use the dependencies from clojars

  • [org.cmql/cmql-core "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"]
  • [org.cmql/cmql-j "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"]

Or lein install using the source code on github.



  • cqml Examples on the parts of MQL operators/stages/commands
  • collections
    • arrays, examples map/filter/reduce on arrays
    • nested, examples on accessing/updating nested objects/arrays
  • server side js examples on how to generate javascript to run on server
  • driver some driver specific test, for example trascactions
  • examples
    various examples,some from the mongodb community forum
  • quickstart implementation of Java Quick Start in cMQL
  • interop the way to make a java class from clojure,so java programmers can call the queries,here examplpe is for the quickstart java example

Run the code

Clojureapp is the way to explore and test the examples

If you use intellijdea

  • open intellij idea
  • open project from existing resources
  • select the clojureapp
  • select leiningen

See and run the examples,run the namespaces independently

Java Maven App

You can call the code from a java maven project also if you are a Java programmer see