1. What is cMQL
    cMQL as tool or as cMQL app using Java/Javascript MongoDB driver
  2. cMQL-Play Access more than 100 examples, search on them, change them and run custom queries
  3. cMQL
    cMQL parts, notation, operators, stages , commands, method arguments and ways to use cMQL
  4. Why cMQL
    Why cMQL is good for data processing, its similarites with MQL, and how cMQL because easy to use
  5. cMQL as Tool
    cMQL as tool to generate MQL that can be used from any driver.
  6. cMQL app
    cMQL as app, call cMQL from code directly.
    Four cMQL apps that include examples and the java-quick-start, or nodejs-quick-start
  7. API
  8. Javascript server-side
    How to use javascript with cMQL, or replace it with wisp(a Clojurescript like language)
  9. Extras cMQL extra operators, "tricks" etc
  10. Encode Decode cMQL to be fast encodes and decodes directly to clojure/clojurescript data structures. We can directly insert clojure/clojurescript data or get them from the database. cMQL offers way to choose what we want as result, java/clojure or js/clojurescript
  11. Contribute
    Contribute to improve cMQL or test cMQL join the cMQL chat server